Mining, Oil & Gas

With a decade of dedicated service, Canex Resources stands as a premier Labour Hire company that specialises in providing skilled workers to the Mining, Oil & Gas industries across Queensland, New South Wales, and the Northern Territory. Our ongoing presence in these regions is a testament to our commitment and competence.

Our Managing Director possesses extensive industry specific knowledge, in the Mining, Oil & Gas sectors. This invaluable insight ensures that our team comprehensively understands the unique demands and nuances of these industries, enabling us to cater to their specific workforce needs.

Our staffing solutions cover a broad spectrum of roles, from labourers to highly skilled tradespeople. Whether it’s supporting drilling operations or complex shut-down projects, Canex Resources has the expertise to meet diverse workforce requirements.

Our commitment to safety is unparalleled, aligning perfectly with the stringent safety requirements of these sectors. Canex Resources has built a reputation for delivering exceptional personnel while maintaining an impeccable safety record, making us the trusted choice for workforce solutions in these vital regions.

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